The consultancy services provided by Zonka Technologies cover different areas of the organizations, as well as those related to information technology. These services are:


    Situation diagnoses in relation to information technology and strategic plans for information and communication systems.
    IT governance, structuring of the computing function, services and relationship model.
    Assessment and selection of information system solutions.
    Technical office for the management of programmes and projects.

Processes / Organization

    Identification of processes. Analysis and improvement of business processes.
    TRe-engineering based on IT.
    Selection and implantation of BPM tools.
    ITIL, definition and implantation of management processes for infrastructures and IT services.
    BCM, definition and implantation of management processes for business continuity.


    Definition and backup in the implantation of innovation plans.
    However, Personalization and application of innovation models and knowledge.
    Consultancy and accompaniment in the innovation management.
    Training and innovation workshops.


    Rather than falling into the cobwebs of recruiting and waiting for staff, software development outsourcing seems to be an easy option.
    Learning: Training and development of people
    Social Business Media
    Corporative Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0
    Informal Learning
    Knowledge management


    Analysis, definition and implantation of the architecture of the information systems.
    Learning: Training and development of people
    Continuity plans for the service.
   Analysis, definition and implantation of technological infrastructures.