RIA Application Development

With evolution of internet websites have become indispensable part of marketing products and services.

Now, websites have surpassed the era of static HTML and now embracing new age technologies to provide enhanced web user experience along with interactive software evolved through Rich Internet Application (RIA).

RIAs are applications that combine improved user interface and functionality of desktop software, accessibility and low-cost deployment of Web-based applications and the best of interactive, multimedia communication. RIAs typically provide a “no-refresh” look to the user interface and provide what is now being known as HDuX – High Definition User eXperience.

Zonka Technologies with its RIA development services helps its clients to get an extra edge over competition providing website users a highly gluing experience with improved navigation. RIA empower client business through solutions that are consistent, targeted, responsive and intelligent. All this helps business in closing the deal faster by crushing the unnecessary convincing time spent.

RIAs brings full featured desktop features to web application via interactive and truly rich interface. RIAs give enterprises qualitatively new platform for various types of content distribution as they allow allocation of text, images, audio and video data in the most effective and yet convenient, user-oriented way.

With profound experience of technology with deep domain understanding Zonka Technologies consistently delivering comprehensive RIAs. Zonka Technologies utilizes best knowledge of analytics, design, development methodologies and delivery practices. Zonka Technologies experienced in development of RIA with robust functionality, rich, expressive, client focused interface utilizing all types of data and providing full interactivity to users giving high ROI for client RIA initiatives.

Zonka Technologies has strong expertise in leading RIA technologies like JavaFx , Google Web Toolkit (GWT) , Adobe Flex & AIR , Microsoft Silverlight , OpenLaszlo , CURL & various Ajax technologies.